Garden beds Canberra wide

Attractive floral borders and well-executed shrubbery are both appealing features that can form a focal point in a garden, yard or paved area. Modern materials and techniques mean that there is now a wealth of options open to contemporary gardeners to enhance their outdoor space. From incorporating a patio, barbecue area or terrace to using raised beds in order to minimise the effort involved in plant care, we can offer solutions that will result in a pleasant, useful outdoor area that’s easy to maintain and always looks inviting.

Basic structural features

Retaining walls, edging, pathways and larger features will form the basis of most garden designs. At Dust to Lawn, we can provide robust, well-designed structures which are attractive to look at as well as durable, strong and secure. Raised beds in particular are extremely popular – not only does foliage at a height offer plenty of aesthetic appeal, it’s also much easier to look after, especially for gardeners who have limited mobility or who can’t bend for protracted periods of time.

Soil and rocks

Flower beds need the right soil in order to thrive, which is where we can help. Whether you need a loam based soil to provide excellent growing conditions for your plants, or need a specialist product for niche specimens, we can source the right earth and ensure it’s evenly spread. Many gardeners also appreciate the visual impact of statement rocks, so if you want an attractive rock or two dotted around your garden, our team can safely transport them to your preferred destination.

Decorative gravel and mulch

One of the biggest headaches for gardeners can be keeping weeds under control. A straight-forward, effective answer lies in covering those areas which aren’t planted with a suitable mulch or decorative gravel. Mulch can be created from sustainable materials such as bark chippings and brings numerous advantages; mulch helps the soil to retain moisture and can protect tender roots from the effects of frost. Coloured gravel makes a strong visual statement and is ideal for uneven patches of ground which need camouflaging.

We have worked on a wide range of projects over the years and bring a significant amount of experience and expertise to every job we undertake. Not only do we have the skills and equipment to undertake the vast majority of garden landscaping tasks, we are also always happy to offer appropriate suggestions which are suitable for any budget. Get in touch today to find out more.

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