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Nothing quite makes a backyard like a stunning, bright green lawn. It’s pretty much the mark of a great Aussie home. So, whether you go for turf lawns or synthetic lawns, it’s important to get the best people to do the job. And you’ll find them right here at Dust to Lawn.

As our name suggests, we live and breathe lawns. We love them for so many reasons. To begin, they’re important visually. A well-landscaped lawn suggests health, vibrancy and getting the best out of life. Secondly, they’re crucial, practically. A lawn is a place to host barbecues, a spot for children to play freely, and a private area to relax and sit, read, talk, drink or do whatever makes you happy. We love running our business because, over the years, we’ve satisfied thousands of customers by creating beautiful lawns, transforming their houses into ideal homes.

Turf or synthetic?

With years of industry experience under our belt, we’re experienced with both synthetic and turf lawns. If you’re after a lawn that looks great all the time, doesn’t need any maintenance and is child and pet-friendly, a synthetic lawn might be the right solution for you. These days, thanks to technological advances, synthetic lawns are incredibly realistic and natural-feeling. And there’s none of the hassle associated with watering and fertilising!

If, on the other hand, you’ve long been dreaming of the smell of fresh turf, and revel in the joy of taking care of your own patch of grass, we can recommend the ideal blend for your area and will provide you with a striking turf lawn.

Our services

Our lawn services cover all aspects of lawn creation. From the all-important preparation of levelling, spreading and compacting soil, through to future care and maintenance advice. If you’re after a brand new lawn, we’ll provide you with the necessary materials, bring them to your home and lay the lawn down for you. If you need poor soil excavated, to be replaced with high-quality soil, we’ll take care of that, too. After all, we’re just as keen as you to make sure that your lawn flourishes for years and years to come.

Or perhaps you have an existing lawn that needs extending, upgrading or improving? Whether the job is small or large, we’re ready for it. That includes supplying and laying lawn edging, as well as building additional features, like retaining walls for gardens.


Do you have any questions about any of our lawn services? Do you have a specific question about your property? Why not get in touch with us today?

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