Paving, Edging and Concrete

If you’re planning a whole new look for your garden, yard or driveway, one of the key considerations is going to be what type of hard surfacing to opt for. Whether you want something visually appealing to edge your lawns, or a firm, non-slip surface for a path or driveway, it’s important to find a solution that is attractive as well as solid, durable and straight-forward to maintain. We provide a selection of stunning surfacing options that can completely transform your outdoor space into a multi-functional area that looks amazing. Take a look at some of the choices our skilled team can offer you.

Pavers always look great

If you want a natural looking surface that’s tidy without being too uniform, pavers are a great solution. Designed to have a slightly irregular shape, pavers can be used to cover larger pieces of ground or as an engaging option for a patio. Pavers are available in a selection of different colours, so you can pick one that blends with the rest of your exterior palette wonderfully well.

Concrete is ideal for walkways and steps

When it comes to areas where traffic is a feature, having a stable, smooth surface that minimises the risk of trips and falls is always an advantage. We find that concrete is a versatile and cost-effective option in these circumstances. It can be moulded into a wide variety of shapes, so if you want shallow steps or an irregularly shaped space attractively surfaced, concrete will do the job.

If you’re keen to enjoy premium paving or concreting, we can help. At Dust to Lawn, we have extensive experience in laying down slabs, pavers and concrete in a wide variety of different projects. Our skilled, professional team will always get the job done on time and to an exceptionally high standard. Why not contact us now to get a free quote?

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